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Back from vacation and already looking ahead. 

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This is what I pretend happens.

But this is what really happens.

And come on, this is all of us, right?

Friday, May 14, 2021

"What are three things I'm proud of having accomplished?"


"Your Masterpiece."

Every day John works he blows away his quota, and he does it without errors. John works every day to keep the house organized and beautiful. He cleans, does laundry, and empties the dishwasher. Whatever he does, he does his best. Every day. He NEVER slacks. He does everything with CARE. He realizes he’s not just working, he is helping people. So all of his work is concise, accurate, and extremely fast. His attention to detail is phenomenal. If only there were some recognition for this at companies he works for.

~ Ric

"Free Our Minds"

When Ric was growing up, he heard a lot of negative things about himself from people that he thought were right about him. He was told that he was dumb, that he would never keep up with the smarter kids, and that he would struggle with learning his whole life. He was also told that being gay was wrong and that he should feel ashamed of it.

But Ric worked hard to unlearn those beliefs and to finally find pride in what he can do and who he is. He is smart. He is clever. And there is nothing wrong or shameful about living his life openly and honestly as a gay man.

My husband decided he didn't like what he believed and he changed. He created his own mindset of intelligence, passion, and acceptance. He freed his own mind.

~ John

Thursday, May 13, 2021

"What's a hobby you tried but did not enjoy?"

"Keep Moving"

John never stops moving. If he’s not planning a virtual get together, he’s blogging or managing a Facebook group or working or writing or video blogging or organizing a cluttered space or a million other things. He’s got to do lists and reminders and check lists. And he doesn’t just have lists, he actually does everything on the lists. He even tracks our finances and projected vacations for years from now. He’s pretty amazing!

~ Ric

"Something Fabulous"

This is what life with Ric is like. It's already good, sure, but there's always something more still on the way. Even during dark times, I trust that things are going to be good again. And they always are. There's so much joy ahead, and I am so happy to be experiencing it all with the one man who believes in chasing the same adventures that I do.

~ John

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

"If you were to take a class together, what would the subject be?"


"Coming Up."

I used to dread whatever might be around the corner. "Now, what?!" But that's mostly because my life was one bad thing happening after another. It was experience warning me to be afraid of what might happen next.

And then Ric came along and my life changed for the better. Instead of dreading the future, I began to look forward to it. Sure, there were still challenges and setbacks. But mostly, life has become something wonderful to experience and to treasure. I may not know what's coming up, but I trust it's going to be amazing!

~ John

"Be curious."

John is curious by nature. He investigates things that interest him. He loves music, theater, language, and a whole host other intellectual pursuits. I would say John is not judgmental. He can tell if someone has merit or not, but it takes him time to really verify someone’s worth, or lack thereof. John errs on the side of good. He gives people the benefit of the doubt. He sometimes gets hurt by that. But at least he knows he’s tried. John is such a good person.

~ Ric